General information

NGO "Euro-Arab Youth Solidarity - Ukraine" (hereinafter - the Organization) is a voluntary association of individuals, created to exercise and protect human and citizens’ rights and freedoms, to promote the development of youth movement in Ukraine and abroad, to satisfy public, in particular, the economic, social, cultural, educational and other interests of its members and / or other people.

The organization in its activity is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations", the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations", other applicable legislation of Ukraine and these Regulations. The legal basis for the activities of the Organization is also the regulatory documents and decisions of a general nature, adopted by the Organization within the limits of their statutory powers and are binding on all members.


The organization is a non-business partnership whose main purpose is not to make a profit. The organization is free to choose the directions of its activity and acts on the principles of voluntariness, self-government, free choice of the territory of activity, equality before the law, lack of property interest of its members (participants), transparency, openness, and publicity.

Legal Status of the Organization

The activity of the Organization is social in nature, which manifests itself in its interaction with state authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations of different forms of ownership, establishing partnerships with other public organizations, movements, foundations registered in Ukraine or abroad, Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and / or stateless persons.


The organization acquires the status of a legal entity from the moment of its state registration in accordance with the current legislation, can have its own seal, stamps, and forms with its name and accounts in banking institutions. The organization may have its own symbolism (emblem, other identification marks, flag), which is subject to registration in the order established by law.


From the moment of state registration, the Organization has the exclusive right to use its name, including the name given in a foreign language or national minority language.

In order to achieve its purpose and fulfill its statutory tasks, the Organization has rights, in accordance with the current legislation, to


  • To be a party to civil legal relations, to acquire property and non-property rights in accordance with the law.

  • To represent and defend their legitimate interests and legitimate interests of its members or others in any public authorities, including courts, law enforcement agencies, in local government, enterprises, institutions and organizations of any ownership and subordination.

  • Freely disseminate information about your activity, promote your goal (s).

  • To ideologically and organizationally support other associations of citizens, to assist in their creation and conducting their activities.

  • To publish scientific and methodological results of the Organization; to carry out outreach work.

  • To receive, in the manner prescribed by law, public information in the possession of the subjects of power, other managers of public information.

  • To participate in the organization and financing, as well as to hold conferences, seminars, competitions, lectures, round tables, consultations, creative events, tournaments, competitions and other events related to the statutory activity of the Organization with the involvement of members of the public, public authorities and local self-governing authorities, experts in various fields of public life, incl. international.

  • To receive assistance in the form of funds or property, which comes free of charge in the form of membership fees, non-repayable financial assistance, donations, grants and independently decide on their use in accordance with the provisions of this Statute and the legislation of Ukraine.

  • To carry out, in the manner prescribed by the current legislation, the necessary entrepreneurial activity directly or through the creation, in the manner prescribed by law, of legal persons (companies, enterprises), if such activity is consistent with the purpose (goals) of the Organization and contributes to its achievement.

  • Participate in the implementation of state regulatory policy in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

  • Apply in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation to the state authorities, local self-government bodies, their officials and officials with proposals (comments), statements (petitions), complaints.

  • To receive, in the manner specified by the legislation, the public information in the possession of the subjects of power, other managers of public information, necessary for the realization of its purpose and tasks.

  • To participate in the procedure, determined by the legislation, in the development of draft normative-legal acts issued by the state authorities, local self-government bodies and concerning the sphere of activity of the Organization and important issues of state and public life.

  • To participate in the procedure, determined by the legislation, in the work of advisory and other auxiliary bodies formed by public authorities, authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, bodies of local self-government to consult with public associations and prepare recommendations on issues related to the field activities of the Organization.

  • Maintain direct international contacts with organizations of citizens of other countries, enter into appropriate agreements and take part in international events on the activities of the Organization, which do not contradict the international obligations of Ukraine.

  • To establish in order to achieve the statutory purpose (s) of the media.

  • Create and implement a variety of projects, implement programs.

  • To participate on a voluntary basis or to establish community unions, etc., including international ones, to conclude cooperation and mutual assistance agreements.

  • Obtain on a lease or temporary free use of buildings, equipment, vehicles and other property necessary for the fulfillment of the statutory tasks of the Organization.

  • Open national and foreign currency accounts with banks.

  • Establish awards to honor members of the Organization and its partners.

  • Directly or through the legal entities (companies, enterprises) created by it, to be the executor of the state order in accordance with the law.

  • To exercise other rights provided by the legislation of Ukraine.


The organization is responsible for its obligations to its property. The Organization is not responsible for the obligations of its members, and its members are not responsible for the obligations of the Organization, except when they undertake such obligations.

The main objective of the Organization in the development of youth policy and support for youth initiatives in Ukraine and abroad

The main activities of the Organization are:

  • Promoting youth research.

  • Encouraging young people to participate in public policymaking in the field of mass media and new information and communication technologies.

  • Integration of foreign students into the Ukrainian cultural environment.

  • Development of educational resources and platforms.

  • Development of relations between the youth of Ukraine, the countries of the European Union, the member states of the Council of Europe, the League of the Arab States and other countries.

  • Organizing educational forums, conducting events for learning and sharing experiences.

  • Encouraging young people to take action on environmental protection.

  • Promoting art, culture, and sports among young people.

  • Encouraging young people to participate in public administration.

  • Development of software for socialization and rapprochement of young people with the same interests.

  • Development of urban infrastructure of Ukraine.

  • Formation of justice in the population.

  • Promoting democracy and ensuring human rights and freedoms.

Our Team


Kyrylo Dymov

Graduated from the Faculty of International Legal Relations of National University "Odesa Law Academy" with Bachelor in Law. 
Master student of "TEMPUS" program. 
HR manager of "Vyshyvankoviy Festival". 
Vice President for STEP of ELSA Odesa. 

I am sure that youth is the future of modern Ukraine and all countries in the World.


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Erik Puzanov 
Studying international relations at the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University. 
I believe that the global creation of opportunities for the people of our planet is the push we need to overcome most issues that are present in our civilization.

Vice President

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General Coordinator


of International Projects


and Partnerships

Mohammad Saad TLIGUI

Graduated from AL-JAZEERA MEDIA INSTITUTE  Diploma Master mobile journalism.
Graduated from Shaw Academy Diploma Graphic Design.
Student at the Department of Civil Engineering at Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. 
Director of the festival of the Documentary and Educational film in Imam Al Assili Junior High school, Assilah Morocco.
President Of The local youth council Assilah Morocco.

Ambassador of the Moroccan Royal Youth Authority Al-Sharif in Ukraine.

I always find that spreading peace, tolerance and cultural exchange is a way of life "Always excited for constructive and effective participation".

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Alona Baranova

Graduated from Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University obtained qualification: Bachelor Degree Program Subject Area «Publishing and editing Professional qualification Interview specialist, radio- TV-and other presenters ».

The responsibility of the leadership of the press and the media is responsibility and honor and Leadership is the most effective means of education.

General Coordinator


of Media and Press

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Projects Manager

Maroi Ech-Charkaouy

Graduate of the King Fahd School of Translations, Tangier, Morocco
She is a partnership and sponsorship assistant with Erasmus Mundus Association. 
She was GlobalGirl Media Program director in Morocco
She was Country Coordinator of Yala Young Leaders 
She is a recipient of Erasmus Mundus Al Idrisi Scholarship and holds 3 YouthPass from Erasmus + projects on Immigration, social entrepreneurship, and multi-cultural integration
She coordinated and managed multiple projects with different associations and participated in a number of interfaith dialogue conferences.

Participant in KAS MENA Leadership Academy 2018-2019.

I believe that creating leadership, inter-cultural and educational projects for youth is the best way to help build a better future for our world, as Mandella said "The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow".

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