Euro-Arab Youth Solidarity - Ukraine



We are a non-government organization which develops youth policies and supports youth initiatives in Ukraine and abroad. 

The main duties of the Organization are:

  • Promotion of youth research. 

  • Promotion of art, culture, and sports among young people. 

  • Integration of foreign students into the Ukrainian cultural environment. 

  • Development of educational resources and platforms. 

  • Development of relations between the youth of Ukraine, the countries of the European Union, the member states of the Council of Europe, the League of the Arab States, and other countries. 

  • Organization of educational forums, conduction of events for learning and sharing of personal experience. 

  • Encouragement of youth to take action on environmental protection. 

  • Encouragement of youth to participate in public policymaking in the field of mass media, and new information and communication technologies. 

  • Encouragement of youth to participate in public administration. 

  • Development of software for socialization and rapprochement of young people with interests. 

  • Development of urban infrastructure in Ukraine. 

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